A year ago last week, I started work here at Level 10 Fitness in Vancouver. Its been a great first year of work and I wanted to write a quick post about some of my experiences. It should be noted I started writing and after a few pages of me blabbering I realized no one […]

A few weeks ago I posted this quote to my Facebook page: “Your pay is the same whether your therapist spends 1:1 time with you, or sees 3-4 other patients at the same time. Would you go to your hair stylist if they were also working with 3 other clients at the same time, and […]

Sitting here studying for my last written test of my formal education, I probably spent more time reflecting on how I got to this point the past few days than I have actually studying. Well not actually, but a lot! I have been in university for 6 years now and it has been quite the […]