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Course Review and My Thoughts: Greg Lehman Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science

I will post this week’s regular blog on Sunday, but wanted to write a course review for Greg Lehman’s course I took this past weekend a long with some thoughts on what was discussed. For those that don’t know Greg Lehman is both a physiotherapist and a chiropractor who has a presence on social media […]

An Exercise To Improve Tibial Internal Rotation

I remember a few months ago I saw a fellow practitioner post the question “what is the most underrated joint in the body when it comes to rehab?” There were many responses including subtalar joint, C1/C2, proximal tib-fib, calcaneocuboid to name a few. These are all great joints, I love them all, but my thought […]

5 Different Ways To Enhance Knee to Wall Ankle Mobility

Knee to wall is a very common assessment tool and exercise prescribed when it comes to rehabbing a stiff ankle. However, I think there are many ways to enhance the exercise and the most important way isn’t even on the below list. The biggest mistake I see with knee to wall when done as an […]

5 Things you might see with Knee Pain outside of the normal

This week’s post title is a bit mis-leading because some of you may see this stuff with your knee pain patients already and it is “normal” for you, but I thought for many people these things may be interesting as they fall outside of the realm of the topics more commonly written about with knee […]

Taming of The Rib Flare

This week’s post is about the all too common issue of rib flaring. Rib flaring is an issue because it shows that there is typically a motor control problem in the individual stemming from both a mobility limitation and a lack of core stability. Someone presenting with a rib flare is likely to have a […]

The Problem with an Unwritten Physio Rule….

I know I promised to post a video outlining assessment/treatment/exercises for tibial internal rotation, but it can be a little tricky to find both a cameraman and a body to demonstrate on. Hopefully will get it done in the near future! Instead I thought I would post about another topic on my mind lately which […]

Top 3 Reasons Tibial Internal Rotation is Important

I posted an article earlier today on my Facebook page the top 5 things clinicians can commonly forget about in post-op ACL rehab by Dennis Treubig on The Manual Therapist’s website. One of the points listed was restoring tibial internal rotation. I find working on tibial IR is becoming fairly common protocol in the rehab […]

If you could pick one exercise….

I thought I would pick my first post back in a few years to be a bit of a social experiment. Hopefully not coming off as controversial as thats the last thing it is meant to be, but rather just something for fun to see what people would say. If you could pick one “rehab” […]

Charlie Weingroff Review/Clinical Thoughts

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a seminar at the Richmond Oval taught by Charlie Weingroff who is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Physical Therapist out of New Jersey. His work is well known for bridging the gap that is often missed between the training world and rehab world, hence the […]

Should Physiotherapists take their CSCS?

Earlier today I got a message from a colleague and thought my response would make an interesting blog post for the day. I often get asked by other physiotherapists about getting CSCS certified and that is what this particular colleague was interested in as well. Here is my response I gave (excluding opening and closing […]