Dave Leyland Msc PT, BPHE/Bsc, ART, CSCS

I graduated Queen’s University’s physiotherapy program in 2012 and am currently working at Canopy Integrated Health in North Vancouver, British Columbia. While at Queen’s from 2006-2012 I worked extensively as a strength and conditioning coach with many athletes as well as a student trainer in the athletic therapy department at the school. Specifically, I worked with the Men’s Hockey team as a student trainer, and helped many athletes as a strength and conditioning coach, but with a focus on football. Beyond working with athletes at the university level I have also worked with CFL, NFL, NHL, European Pro Hockey, and National Beach Volleyball athletes. As a younger physiotherapist, I am highly dedicated to furthering my skills and will never settle with a certain amount of education. There is too much to learn and I don’t plan on ever stopping!

With this blog I hope to provide some insight into a variety of topics. I will post some topics that might be specific to rehab professionals only. Also, some topics may be specific to athletes and athletic performance training. Finally, I will also have a series of topics that should be of interest to anyone who likes health and fitness. Thus, I hope to provide a little bit of something for everyone! Please enjoy and don’t be afraid to provide feed back! I am always looking to get better as a professional and a writer. I enjoy hearing back from everyone and love answering questions as best I can. Thanks for taking your time to read!

Stay Strong,

Dave Leyland

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  1. Jignesh Dave · · Reply

    Hi Dave
    I had a SC injury (swelling in C5) on March 2115, my right arm and leg were paralyzed as result of it, currently in India for Physiotherapy, seems I have got some strength back, hand recovery is about 95%, problem is with lower limb, I can do most exercises but have hard time walking (real slow speed.little abnormal gait pattern), some therapists told me I don’t have control and coordination of muscles..if that’s the case .how do I achieve that so I can walk normal with normal speed at list.
    Thanks in advance

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