Monthly Archives: April 2016

Motor Control Exercise for Shoulder Rotation

This week I have one of my favourite exercises for working on the motor control aspect of shoulder rotation. Keep in mind with this exercise that it is somewhat advanced. It’s not advanced in terms of the loads placed on the shoulder or the mobility demands, but it is advanced because it is an exercise […]

Transverse Plane Ankle Mobilization…..Underrated!

This week I have a video of an exercise I have been using to help regain distal tibial rotation. I think when a lot of people think of ankle mobility we really tend to think in the sagittal plane with dorsiflexion/plantar flexion, sometimes the subtalar frontal plane motion may be talked about though it really […]

A tissue loading exercise for Plantar Fasciitis

This week’s blog has a clinically useful exercise that I picked up at Greg Lehman’s Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science course. As discussed in my course review blog post earlier this week, a big piece of the rehab puzzle that can often be overlooked is progressive tissue loading. Some injuries do a decent job of […]

Course Review and My Thoughts: Greg Lehman Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science

I will post this week’s regular blog on Sunday, but wanted to write a course review for Greg Lehman’s course I took this past weekend a long with some thoughts on what was discussed. For those that don’t know Greg Lehman is both a physiotherapist and a chiropractor who has a presence on social media […]

An Exercise To Improve Tibial Internal Rotation

I remember a few months ago I saw a fellow practitioner post the question “what is the most underrated joint in the body when it comes to rehab?” There were many responses including subtalar joint, C1/C2, proximal tib-fib, calcaneocuboid to name a few. These are all great joints, I love them all, but my thought […]