I didn’t want to use the word stretching for fear of getting a whack full of messages talking about how stretching is bullshit. Here is just a quick post of 3 mobilizations I may do for the adductors beyond some of the more “classic” stretches. I believe the adductors are an under addressed area in […]

Chris Johnson is a great PT that everyone should be following on social media if they aren’t already. He posts a ton of great exercises and knowledgeable posts on the daily. One technique, that I’m not sure if he came up with, or if he just popularized, is the one seen below. The video mentions […]

The past few weeks I have been chipping away at Postural Restoration Institute’s online CEU course, Myokinematic Restoration. For those that are unfamiliar with the course you can find out more info on their website. There were a few things that led me to take this course. One, after talking to some practitioners that have […]

When it comes to lower extremity function I think the peroneals have to be one of the most important muscles besides the Gluteal group, who often steal the show. The peroneal group, in particular peroneus longus, is a vital muscle as it helps descend the first ray onto the ground. As I posted about on […]

As a long term gym goer and someone who quit swim lessons halfway through as a kid, I have always been a natural sinker vs swimmer. Swimming doesn’t come naturally to me, but I have always wanted to complete an Ironman and knew eventually I would need to change my swimming abilities to complete such […]

As a practitioner I hear this all the time from incoming patients that they have been told they are out of alignment. In particular in the pelvis, sacrum and spine. From my perspective it seems like there are often 2 distinct camps on this. People that view that alignment, biomechanics, and postures lack much importance […]

Today I hope to create a post that causes some discussion, so I hope to hear from people their thoughts on the topic. Over the past 7 months I have attended 2 shoulder courses with well known shoulder experts. One was with Dr. Dale Buchberger and the other was with Lyn Watson a physiotherapist from […]

This week I have one of my favourite exercises for working on the motor control aspect of shoulder rotation. Keep in mind with this exercise that it is somewhat advanced. It’s not advanced in terms of the loads placed on the shoulder or the mobility demands, but it is advanced because it is an exercise […]

This week I have a video of an exercise I have been using to help regain distal tibial rotation. I think when a lot of people think of ankle mobility we really tend to think in the sagittal plane with dorsiflexion/plantar flexion, sometimes the subtalar frontal plane motion may be talked about though it really […]

This week’s blog has a clinically useful exercise that I picked up at Greg Lehman’s Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science course. As discussed in my course review blog post earlier this week, a big piece of the rehab puzzle that can often be overlooked is progressive tissue loading. Some injuries do a decent job of […]